Joel Ramey

Certified UX Writer and Conversation Designer

I love writing personality-rich, user-friendly copy that guides, empowers, and delights 😁

I also love dry humour and a good pun 😜

See for yourself 👀

I've picked a few things out for you.

Content Design &
UX Writing

Call Waiting on iPhone

As a personal project, I redesigned the iPhone's call waiting screen using Adobe XD.


See how I answered the call to help people avoid getting hung up on this experience 📲

A young man has a confused expression as he looks at his cell phone screen
Two men shaking hands

I worked on tagline, landing page, onboarding, transactional email, and in-app copy for a project-tracking and payments app called Handshake.


See how I created a seamless, gripping user experience 🤝

Daily UX Writing Challenge

I received a UX writing prompt in my inbox every weekday for 15 days. It was a fun challenge. See how I wrote to meet it 📝

A laptop, cup of coffee, notepad and pen, and a cellphone are all sitting neatly on a desk near the window

Conversation Design 

Image by Brandon Romanchuk
Daily Conversation Design Challenge

I received a conversation design prompt in my inbox every day for 14 days. It was a fun challenge. See how I wrote to meet it 🤖


I designed a human-like airline chatbot experience to help Pogo Airlines achieve their business goals and create a cloud nine user experience.

Take your seat. Fasten your seatbelt. Relax and let Jetta take you to new heights on the adventure of your dreams 🛫

Airplane flying off into the distance
A woman is doing squats in her living room

I designed a human-like workout chatbot experience to help Power Up achieve their business goals and create an empowering user experience.


Ready to work up a sweat? Good. Meet Armstrong 🏋️‍♀️

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